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CMS base component for bespoke CMS developments.

We have developed a CMS which is a component designed to be the backbone to any CMS driven website we produce. Its purpose is to provide a starting foundation with flexibility to develop bespoke applications on top. A starting component will always save development time, and our CMS is designed to deliver just that.

With a range of modules we can rapidly develop the exact system required for the project in-hand, quickly delivering a bespoke solution that doesn't compromise around existing modules and designs.

E-Commerce component for bespoke E-Commerce websites.

Similar to our CMS, we have a core E-Commerce platform that's used as
a backbone for bespoke E-Commerce developments. Completely SEO compliant, the core component also offers Responsive frameworks for Mobile Commerce, Multi-Channel modules for eBay and Google listings plus Facebook Product integration for Social Commerce.

All our modules are sold at trade prices and can be completely rebranded in your identity. Everything we do will remain anonymous to your clients.

Frontend Development Outsource HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery development to frontend developers with over 15 years experience.

Our talented in-house frontend developers are primary designers with over 15 years experience, creating pixel-perfect, standard compliant cut-ups for static HTML pages, email templates or responsive frameworks.
We passionately believe in the services we provide, striving every time to create cut-ups to the highest possible standard. As we are from a design background we know the importance of a few pixels!

Whether you need a static website developing, a HTML email template creating or just a responsive framework building, send wkdCODE your designs and get ready to receive well formatted, organized, commented, tested and validated code back.

PHP Development Highly skilled in-house PHP developers ready to assist you with your next website development project.

wkdCODE offer an all-encompassing range of trade-price website development services to the creative industry, allowing design agencies to outsource with confidence. Unlike outsourcing to freelances or offshore, with wkdCODE you get a mixed pool of talents, long-standing commitment to service, standards, and the reliability of an established company.
Everything we do will remain anonymous to your clients.

We cover all the main aspects of website development. This allows you to outsource projects in their entirety - or partially, to complement existing resources. Our in-house team of programmers ensure we achieve the very best from every aspect of your project, at a fraction of retail costs.

CMS Development Rapidly developed bespoke Content Management Systems with flexibility for future developments.

We have developed a CMS with a host of modules that are designed to be starting components to bespoke CMS projects. The core CMS and associated modules are built on a responsive framework, fully rebrandable and very user-friendly.

Unlike off-the-shelf packages which contain a manner of unnecessary functionality, and result in a huge range of competing modules to an already bloated, unfriendly interface. wkdCODE develop CMS systems that purposefully act on the needs of your project, if we don't have a module that caters for your brief, we will develop one. All modules are sold at trade prices and everything we do will remain anonymous to your clients.

E-Commerce Development Multi-Channel E-Commerce, Social Commerce and Mobile Commerce all from one user-friendly CMS.

E-Commerce isn't just a single website anymore, your client needs to consider mobile users, social media platforms, multi-channel selling, as well as search engine optimization. For independent retailers to stay competitive their e-commerce platform needs to handle these considerations by default, but with the flexibility to develop bespoke features on top.

Our core e-commerce platform offers all the above and more. Developed on a framework that allows us to rapidly develop bespoke features or simply tweak others we are able to provide a complete bespoke e-commerce package, based around your designs and specifications, all at trade prices.

Responsive mark-up for websites and Content Management Systems.

Every day the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to display websites increases. Responsive web development represents a fundamental shift in how we'll build websites for the decade to come.

A responsive website changes its appearance and layout based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on. Responsive frameworks offer one website for every screen, which is why the systems and websites we build are developed to be responsive as standard.


For more detailed information and prices please download our CMS Brochure and Rate Card.

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